.-'Pub Crawl CTF'-.

-When: November 11th, 2023 12:00-19:00-
-Where: Starting at Two Rivers Brewing (upstairs room) at Noon
Please remember that these establishments have agreed to work with us for this event.
Be good patrons, eat, drink, and be merry! (just not too merry!)

.-'Participating Resturants'-.

- TBD -

Base of operations is in the upstairs room at Two Rivers Brewing, we'll have some DC610 staff there, and a screen with the scoreboard


Scoreboard review, and awards will be handled in the base of operations (upstairs room) at Two Rivers Brewing, at 7:30PM. Be present to win!

This is a jeopardy style CTF, except all the flags are at local restaurants and pubs, all within walking distance! Flags are self contained and accessed via WiFi. There will be a DC610 Rep at each site to help with any issues.